ASE035.jpgSnapshots of young people on an outing at a creek, with cameos.
ASE036.jpgBottom left photograph: Mary Estill; Center: Young people in touring car with festive decorations; Top right: Young people in a touring car behind Women's Gym on Sam Houston Normal Institute campus.
ASE037.jpgBottom left: James East ham and his mother, Florence Bradford East ham; Center: Sarah Winfred East ham; Top right: Elana East ham and her mother, Florence Bradford East ham.
ASE038.jpgTop: young women clowning on the tennis court, Elana East ham, second from the right; Bottom: young men clowning on the tennis court.
ASE039.jpgTop: Albert Ball and (unidentified) young woman clowning around on the tennis court; Bottom: young men: Albert Ball and Jesse Palmer and W. T. Robinson; Young women: Ellana Eastham at the top of the pile.
ASE040.jpgSnap shots of young people on a wagon ride out to Wyser's Bluff on the Trinity River.
ASE041.jpgLeft-hand photo: Wilbourn Robinson and Florine Smither; Right-hand photo: Albert Ball and Ellana Eastham.
ASE042.jpgleft photo: Ellana Eastham and Albert Ball on the right; right photo: Ellana Eastham and Albert Ball on the far right.
ASE043.jpgLeft: unidentified young white woman; right unidentified older African American woman
ASE044.jpgLeft photo: Jesse Palmer, Ellana Eastham, Florine Smither, Wilborn Robinson; Right photo: Wilborn Robinson, Ellana Eastham, Florine Smither, Jesse Palmer.
ASE045.jpgUnidentified young man (Wilborn Robinson?) on a swing.
ASE046.jpgLeft photo: Ellana Eastham and Albert Ball; Diamond cut-out photo: Ellana Eastham seated in a garden; Left photo: Albert Ball in front of the Texas Prison Director's home; Circle cut-out photo: two young women in front of a gigantic magnolia.
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