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Temple Lea Houston

Temple Lea Houston (1860-1905) was the first child born in the Governor's Mansion, Austin, 1860. He was the last child of Margaret and Sam Houston. After the deaths of his parents, the seven year-old boy went to live with his older sister in Georgetown. In 1873, at the age of thirteen, he joined a cattle drive to Great Bend, Kansas. Later he worked his way east and was employed as a night clerk on a riverboat. He traveled down the Mississippi River to New Orleans, where he met Senator James Winwright Flanagan,qv an old political crony of his father's, who obtained employment for him as a page in the United States Senate. Three years in Washington, D.C., influenced Houston's decision to enter law, and in 1877 he returned to Texas and enrolled as a cadet at the newly established Agricultural and Mechanical College (now Texas A and M University). Later he transferred to Baylor University at Independence, where he studied law and philosophy and graduated with honors in 1880. After reading law in Georgetown, Houston was admitted to the bar and became the youngest practicing lawyer in Texas when he opened his office in Brazoria. In 1881 he was appointed Brazoria county attorney. On Valentines Day,1883 Houston married Laura Cross, a planter's daughter. The Houstons had seven children, but only four survived infancy. Houston served several terms in the Texas Legislature and continued his career as a successful and flamboyant trial attorney. He later became an attorney for the Santa Fe Railroad, concentrating his legal career on affairs for the railroad. In 1893, after the opening of the Cherokee Strip he moved his family to Woodward, Oklahoma Territory. Houston continued to practice law and was a much sought after speaker. Temple Houston died in 1905 of a brain hemorrhage at the age of 45.